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$40 per half hour private lesson

$75 per hour private lesson

Slide Guitar


Dobro/Lap steel


What Happy Students Have To Say:

"Your lessons led me down a road I haven't traveled as I spent a lot of guitar time discovering a wealth of knowledge, applying your teachings of being cognizant of the root note, chord shapes, scales, and 3rd and 6th combos.  Things are suddenly coming together as I continue to "combine" elements of your teaching instead of looking at them singly."  

 -Lorrin Ngum 

"I know he's learning a ton about music and the guitar from you, but Luke often talks about what a good, kind man you are. That's not overlooked and very appreciated."  

--Laurie Erickson- mother of singer/songwriter Luke Erickson                                                                                                                    

"Thank you so much Dave!  Jax had a blast and said you are amazing!  She is having fun practicing."

-Jennifer Mattox   


"You’ve given me a solid foundation to build upon, and I have enjoyed the process.
I hope to resume lessons with you after I catch up a bit.  In the mean time, I’ll continue to learn every note on the neck and apply some of your wisdom to my playing.
You are an excellent teacher."

-Garry Transue

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